York's first escape room for children


There’s a problem at my great uncle’s sweetshop, can you help us?

He’s lost the keys to his shop and his customers will be arriving shortly! To make matters worse, his sweet making machine has run out of ingredients! Can you find a way into his shop, and reactivate his sweet machine? There’s a reward waiting for you if you can do it, but it’s only 45 minutes until opening time. Good luck team!!


upto 6 children
(exclusive time slot)




5 - 10


45 minutes


Children aged 5 – 10 (with or without adults).
Younger children may need some assistance with the puzzles.

The main entrance/exit door is left unlocked at all times, so anybody is free to come and go.

This is a fun, positive, experience, and we will always ensure everyone “gets out”.

Absolutely! It’s a fun game for both families and friends. As the experience is designed with children in mind, we do however recommend that the children take the lead and adults just help out.

Yes, of course. You can take on a purely observational role or join in, it’s up to you!

Not at all. If you would rather sit outside with a cup of tea, you are more than welcome!

Just yourselves and a positive attitude!

To keep the experience a surprise and so as to not interrupt the game flow, we would ask you not to take photos in the game room itself. There will be lots of fun photo opportunities afterwards.

Lots of age appropriate puzzles to get the brain working and encourage team work. You don’t have to anything in any particular order in each room.

Not at all. It’s been built for all children (and adults) to enjoy.

The Games Master will be watching and listening at all times and can send you helpful clues on the in room screens.


97 Poppleton Road, York YO26 4UN (within Star Street Salon)